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Landscaping Spring Care In The Winter

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New Jersey is called the garden state for it's abundance of produce farms and flower gardens. The weather is varied enough between seasons to enable successful farming of vast varieties of fruits and vegetables. The soil is rich with nutrients for successful growing. Preparing for each season will guarantee Read more [...] Read More

Facing Off Against Common Lawn Problems

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While you dream of having a glowing green carpet of grass, your lawn might actually be a wilted brown mess. If your neighbors have the thick grass you always wanted, they probably learned now to face off against common lawn problems. Zebra strips look great indoors but not on your lawn. If you have Read more [...] Read More

Picturesque Walkway Ideas

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Walkways are an important landscaping element people often forget. Adding walkways sensibly connects the various spaces in your yard. Attractive walkways bring doorways, patios and gardens together for smoother transitions. Consider traffic flow when you select walkway materials. Think about how much Read more [...] Read More

Hardy Garden Flowers and Plants

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Many homeowners complain they do not have a green thumb. They are convinced any plant they touch is sure to wilt. Hiring a landscaper makes it easier to maintain healthy plants. Choosing the hardiest flowers and plants is another way to keep your garden growing beautifully. Hardy plants are survivors. Read more [...] Read More